Welcome to OKStateU, your social network for connecting with other Oklahoma State University students. OKStateU offers the opportunity to get to know your classmates and share your OSU experience. We encourage you to embrace the opportunities presented here and engage as much as possible in this virtual community. While this is a community for students built by students, it is still part of Oklahoma State University’s online presence and we ask that you be mindful of the content that you post. We want every student’s experience to be a positive one and inappropriate, disrespectful and destructive behavior will not be tolerated. In addition, keep in mind that prospective OSU students and other visitors will have limited access to view blog posts, photos, videos and other content so we also want to convey a positive image of the Oklahoma State University community http://successessay.co.uk/ for those visitors. Please adhere to the following guidelines when engaging on this site:

1. Be Transparent. Use your real name when posting rather than a pseudonym or posting anonymously. In order to be a true member of the community, others need to know who you are in order to get to know you.

2. Protect Your Privacy and that of Others. While it is important to disclose your true identity when engaging in the online community, for your own protection you should not share personal information such as phone numbers, complete physical addresses, passwords, etc. Review the settings options on the site to determine what information you want to disclose uk academic essay writing companies. Likewise, don’t pass along personal information about your friends and classmates.

3. Respect Other Members of the Community. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and spirited debates are okay but always maintain a level of respect for others and their viewpoints. Sexist, racist and other discriminatory comments or images will not be tolerated and will be removed immediately.

4. Keep Your Community Clean. Show some class – don’t make fun of people even if you could. Do not post offensive, obscene, racist, homophobic, sexist or sexually explicit language or photos. Such posts will be removed immediately.

5. No Alcohol or Drugs Allowed. The university’s alcohol and drug policy still applies online. Do not post content or images involving the use of these substances.

6. Be a Valuable Member. OKStateU is intended to be a place where you can share information and build relationships. Listen and engage to get to know the others who are here. Your level of participation will determine the level of success of this community. Don’t spam your classmates or post irrelevant information.

Oklahoma State University is not responsible for the content posted by members of this community or the accuracy of such content. The views expressed on this site do not necessarily reflect those of Oklahoma State University, its faculty, staff or Students, or any of the members of OKStateU. OKStateU site administrators reserve the right to modify or remove the Guidelines, Terms of Use or any other portion of OKStateU at any time.

OKStateU site administrators reserve the right to remove any content posted to this site at any time.

If you ever have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to drop us a line at studentaffairs@okstate.edu or feel free to post your comments below.